California Criminal Law Concepts 2016 Edition (16th Edition)

California Criminal Law Concepts, 2016 Edition is the most authoritative full-featured textbook on California Criminal Law – and is updated with new relevant state laws each year! To request the PowerPoint supplements or the Instructor Manual for this book please email: Related posts: Writing 75% Essays For The California Baby Bar: Explaining the concepts

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Hiva says:

So poorly written, do not use this for your class A very poorly written textbook. Definitions and explanations are overly complicated, dense, and convoluted. If this were a cookbook, it would say things like “Bake at 350 degree, but not before stirring. Also, add 1 c. milk before stirring.” It’s kind of a mess. And if they truly feel it’s necessary to publish entire chunks of penal code, they should put it in an appendix while merely putting a condensed explanation of their meanings in the main text. It would also be useful to…

Jan says:

Five Stars Interesting criminal book.

Jeffery Mcdonald says:

Five Stars love it

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