How to Start and Build a Law Practice: Millennium Fourth Edition

A Classic ABA Bestseller, you’ll find 128 chapters packed with techniques for getting started, finding clients and the right location, setting fees, managing your office, maintaining an ethical responsible practice, mazimizing availabe resources. Related posts: How to Build and Manage a Family Law Practice (Practice-Building Series) Start Your Own Medical Practice: A Guide to All

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Andrew says:

Great Practical Resource for the Young Attorney Mr. Foonberg has put together a wonderful resource in this book. 

Daniel Denbeste says:

great 39 years ago and even better now THE AUTHOR HAS UP DATED HIS ORIGINAL WORK; “How to directly into the practice of law without missing a meal” which was GREAT 39 years ago I followed his advice right out of law school) and it is even more pertinent today. If you can find a copy of the first book it had some solid ideas on making a contract with an established firm that would cost them nothing and put work on your desk and money in your pocket from day 1. I also took his advice to hire my own in-town, highly respected…

David says:

Worth the money. The author writes each chapter as a standalone. The result is repetition . . . which is good. I bought an older, dated edition; and, as you might imagine, the technology is dated and technology has changed the way we do things. The author points out that his book will always lag technology, but that any technology that works is obsolete. Somethings never change – how to chose a location, decisions about how to organize files, how to attract clients,setting fees, etc. If starting a law…

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