Introducing Comparative Politics; Concepts and Cases in Context

Taking a hybrid approach, this book – packed full with case studies and a host of pedagogical features – examines the key concepts in comparative politics. Related posts: Cases in Comparative Politics (Fifth Edition) Comparative Politics: Integrating Theories, Methods, and Cases International Human Rights in Context: Law, Politics, Morals The Rise of the Conservative Legal

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Bryce Stager says:

Yep, this is a textbook alright… Dense piece of work, with a ton of great information but is presented in a way that is not really enjoyable (for me, anyways). The most annoying part is that I was assigned this for summer semester and when I try doing book buyback/trade-in I’m told that it’s no longer accepted because there’s a newer edition. So… Don’t buy this if you want up to date information, and only rent introductory poly-sci textbook for future reference, because chances are that this will be updated once again every…

Fats Yamaguchi says:

Good Undergrad Introductory Text Good comprehensive textbook for comparative politics, covering issues ranging from the role of ideology and religion in national stability to arguments in monetary policy. This text presumes no previous background in international affairs and the format and presentation are comparatively elementary. As others have mentioned, the hybrid format allows for tremendous flexibility in teaching.

Amazon Customer says:

personally I don’t really like this book personally I don’t really like this book. the condition of this book is fairly good, but I don’t think the content of this book worths the price

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