The World Encyclopedia of Pistols, Revolvers & Submachine Guns: An Illustrated Historical Reference To Over 500 Military, Law Enforcement And Antique Firearms From Around The World

A comprehensive illustrated encyclopedia of 500 arms from the different countries of the world, organized according to country of manufacture and featuring key specifications for each gun of caliber, magazine capacity, barrel length and unloaded weight. Product Features Used Book in Good Condition Related posts: 21st Century Military Justice JAG Documents: Military Law Review, Premier

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matt8386 says:

Good Overview on the Subject This is a “pretty book”. High quality glossy paper, great color photos of each weapon under review. The book starts off with the early history of arms, and then discusses automatics, sub machine guns. Next section reviews pistols & revolvers from around the world by country. Last section covers submachine guns by country. There is a glossary of terms which is helpful. If nothing else, this book gives you and idea how many variations of pistols (automatics and revolvers) and to a lesser degree,…

matt8386 says:

A Little About a Lot Encyclopedias give you a little bit of information about a lot of things. In this case, a paragraph or two on over 500 pistols, revolvers, submachine guns. Made from high gloss paper, almost every entry has a photo of the weapon, brief narrative and a few statistics about each one. 

Michael R. Albert says:

Four Stars Good book.

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